Husvask 1l - for building facade cleaning

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Product Description Husvask 1l - for building facade cleaning

Concentrate for cleaning façades, siding, painted surfaces, plasters, roofs, facades of tar, dirt of organic origin (plants, insects, putrefaction), mosses, lichens, oil-derived pollutants, persistent pollution of exploitation origin.



  • roofs,
  • facades,
  • weld,
  • balconies,
  • terraces,
  • stairs,
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces.


  • Use in the form of an aqueous solution depending on the degree of surface contamination.
  • At a dilution of 1: 5 to 1:20 with water (50-200 ml / 1 l of water).
  • Apply the product to the washed surfaces using a hand-operated sprayer or a foamer, then rinse with water under pressure after 15 minutes.
  • If necessary, use a brush
  • Do not use on sunny and heated surfaces.


- 1 L concentrate - up to 100 m2 with a 1:10 solution with water.



  • The pH value of the concentrate 11.5
  • The product is environmentally friendly, biodegradable.
  • Store at room temperature 0 º C.
  • Concentrate durability 2 years.
  • Packaging: 15x1l; 3 x 5l;