Norenco Universal 5l - a preparation for washing dishes and glass

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Product Description Norenco Universal 5l - a preparation for washing dishes and glass

A universal preparation for washing dishes, glass and all surfaces washable with water. Used for immersion, spray and foam cleaning. A mild preparation that thanks to the coconut oil content is extremely gentle on the skin of hands even for people with dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to the perfectly selected chemical formula, the minimum amount of concentrate ensures excellent washing results regardless of the choice of the method of use. Effectively removes dirt from animal and vegetable fats, proteins, dust, etc.


  • mild (neutral pH) liquid for general cleaning of all surfaces
  • facilitates daily cleaning
  • gentle and safe for the skin of hands
  • guarantees perfect cleaning results


Concentration: 1: 400 - 1: 800; Solution temperature: up to 30 degrees C; Operating time: up to 15 min.



  • pH value of concentrate 8.
  • The pH value of solution 7.
  • The product is safe, does not contain ammonia, soaps, phosphates and phenols.
  • Environment-friendly, biodegradable.
  • Store at room temperature 0 degrees C. Durability up to 2 years.
  • The product is approved for use in food industry plants.
  • Packaging: carton 3x5 L., 1x30 L., 1x210 L.
  • The product is certified by PZH HŻ / 13013/97 / A HŻ / 07236/9