Maxur 5l - removal of mineral deposits

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Product Description Maxur 5l - removal of mineral deposits

An acidic, low foaming agent for removing mineral deposits. Intended for use in food industry plants, removes mineral deposits, prevents the formation of biofilms. MAXUR contains up to 25% hydrochloric acid. Properly used, it rapidly dissolves mineral deposits from all types of surfaces, ie rubber, glass, painted, ceramic, metal, non-ferrous, zinc and nickel metals, without destroying them. The preparation belongs to a group of acidic cleaning agents that are used both in deep cleaning and preserving in kitchens and toilets.


MAXUR - is intended for:

  • washing all types of surfaces, equipment and tools that can be washed with water
  • food industry, mass catering,
  • public facilities, health care facilities
  • removal of mineral deposits such as surface water, rust.


Sour washing should always be carried out after thorough cleaning and degreasing of the surface. Method of use: immersion, spray, Usable concentration: 2 - 10%, Action time approx. 5 - 10 min. Apply MAXUR to the contaminated surface with a sprayer or immerse smaller parts in the solution, tools in the immersion dish. Wait a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. In the absence of visible effects (with a thick layer of contamination), the operation should be repeated. Do not mix with alkaline preparations.



  • PH value 1.1.
  • Preparation with hydrogen chloride odor.
  • Store at temperatures above 0 degrees C in a cool ventilated room.
  • Concentrate durability - 2 years.
  • Keep away from children. Packaging: carton 3x5 L, 1x30 L., 1x200 L.
  • The product has a quality certificate PZH HŻ / 04339/01/2004

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