Mudin 5l - clearing and maintenance of siphons

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Product Description Mudin 5l - clearing and maintenance of siphons

Preparation for chemical clearing and maintenance of siphons in sanitary installations. The product is easy and safe to use, it effectively clears pipes and prevents re-impurities. It is odorless and biodegradable, reducing all unpleasant odors. Mudin - very well removes fats, hair, sludge, feathers, sludges and food leftovers, remains of soaps and detergents. The product does not destroy plastic, steel, soldered, rubber, stainless steel and concrete installations. The unique formula and high specific gravity of the fluid guarantee its extraordinary effectiveness. The agent prevents re-depositing of impurities by forming a protective layer on the walls of the pipes. When flushing the heat with water, it does not emit any gases, smells or splatter.


MUDIN is intended for:

  • Chemical clearing of pipes, plumbing and plumbing installations.



Pour the clogged outflow (sink, grate, bathtub, toilet bowl) with warm water. Pour 0.5 liters of Mudinu. Wait 30 minutes and rinse with hot water. In the event of a complete obstruction of the outflow, use a larger amount of preparation and extend the duration of action, even up to several hours. In case of frequent problems with the obstruction of the outflow, use Mudin regularly as needed. WARNING! do not use the preparation together with mechanical methods. Do not leave the product to dry on glass and porcelain!



  • PH 14.
  • Preparation odorless and colorless.
  • Does not contain phosphates.
  • Store at temperatures above 0 degrees C.
  • Durability 2 years.
  • Packaging: carton 15x1 L, 3x5 L
  • Net weight of the first liter of the preparation 1.6 kg
  • The product is certified by PZH.HŻ / 11923/97 / B