Atmocid 1l - Cobblestone

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Product Description Atmocid 1l - Cobblestone

ATMOCID Paving stones

Strongly alkaline preparation for foam washing of cobblestones. Removes stains from oil, grease and organic dirt. Atmocid is perfect for heavy soiling, it guarantees excellent washing results.


The preparation solution should be applied to the surface to be cleaned using a sprayer or foam. Usable concentration: 2 - 4%, solution temperature: 20 - 30 º C, operating time: up to 15 min. Apply 1: 1 - 1: 5 solution to the oil stains and remove them with a brush. The washed surface should be rinsed with water until the foam has disappeared, preferably using a high-pressure cleaner.


  • The pH value of the concentrate is 13.5
  • The product is environmentally friendly, biodegradable.
  • Store at room temperature 0 º C.
  • Concentrate durability 2 years.
  • Packaging: 3 x 5l; 1x30 liters