Akti-Max 5l - surface disinfection

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Product Description Akti-Max 5l - surface disinfection

An alcoholic preparation for disinfecting surfaces in contact with food and disinfecting surfaces in health care facilities. It does not require rinsing, removes bacteria and microorganisms in 99.99% of all surfaces: steel, aluminum, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, etc. Contains high quality spirit, is odorless, and its unique formula makes it does not irritate the skin and does not damage the cleaned surfaces. It is completely biodegradable.


Akti-max is used:


  •  in health care facilities
  • in food industry plants
  • in catering facilities
  • in microbiological laboratories
  • in beauty salons, solariums, gyms, swimming pools, changing rooms
  • in hairdressing salons
  • for disinfection of air conditioning systems
  • in food trade




Always carry out disinfection after washing, rinsing and drying the surfaces, tools and devices. Method of use: sprayed, using a washer. Usable concentration: concentrate. Do not rinse the product, do not wipe it, let it dry.




  • Colorless liquid, no smell
  • Contains contaminated alcohol
  • Auto-ignition temperature 442 ° C
  • Protect containers from heating, keep away from heat
  • Protect from sunlight
  • Product durability 2 years
  • Pack sizes: 15 x L, 3 x 5 L., 1 x 30 L.

Biocidal product, is licensed by the Minister of Health No. 1451/04 for marketing with a biocidal product