Hygi Safe 5l - antibacterial hand soap

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Product Description Hygi Safe 5l - antibacterial hand soap

Liquid antibacterial soap for washing hands. The product has a neutral pH, it is odorless and intended for everyday use. Removes undesirable odors from washed hands (eg smell of cigarettes). It contains natural coconut oil, which gives the possibility of repeated washing without irritation and cracks of the epidermis. Perfectly removes fats and substances of organic origin, it is easy to rinse. Hygi safe is used in places where high hygiene requirements are posed:

  • in health care facilities
  • in food industry plants
  • in catering facilities
  • in microbiological laboratories
  • in food trade
  • in beauty salons
  • Concentrate for external use - without dilution.



  • The pH is 5.5.
  • It does not have a fragrance.
  • The product has been dermatologically tested
  • It contains natural coconut oil and antibacterial compounds.
  • It does not contain solvents, irritants, phosphates.
  • Store at temperatures above 0 degrees C.
  • Durability 2 years.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Packaging: carton 3 x 5 liters, 15 x 1 liter.
  • The product is certified by PZH HŻ / 13013/97 / A HŻ / 07236/98.

Biocidal product, is licensed by the Minister of Health No. 1427/04 for marketing with a biocidal product.