To provide the highest level of service and save time for our customers, we sell cleaning equipment and small equipment.


Our offer includes:


high-pressure washers from a German company called Kränzle, vacuum cleaners, scrubbers and cleaning machines companies: Viper dispensers for cleaning equipment, small cleaning equipment, paper towels, paper towels, etc.


We provide authorized service for high-pressure machines and washing equipment.

High-pressure washers

Kränzle high pressure washers are among the highest quality products. The central element of the washer is a high-quality high-pressure pump

Cleaning machines

The VIPER company offers standard, professional cleaning devices that provide our clients with the following benefits ...

Dispensers, foam

Norenco preparations are concentrated concentrates that are used in high dilutions, up to 1: 1000.

Small equipment

We are pleased to present you our offer regarding equipment with equipment to keep cleanliness in your plant.