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    Jesteśmy polsko-norweskim producentem profesjonalnych środków czystości. Firma powstała w 1986 roku w Norwegii, w Polsce jesteśmy od 1997 roku.
    Nasze wieloletnie doświadczenie stanowi znakomity fundament dla tworzenia wysokiej jakości przydatnych produktów zarówno dla różnych gałęzi przemysłu, rynku usług, jak i również dla gospodarstw domowych.

Welcome at Norenco Polska sp z o.o.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of professional cleaning products and cleaning devices for industries like: 

  • food processing, fruit and vegetable processing, meat processing, fish processing, drink production,
  • bakery industry - we provide a full range of cleaning products for baking ovens, machines and equipment, for each stage of bread and cake production,
  • mushroom farms - disinfecting preparations, high pressure washers with hot and cold water option,
  • cleaning companies - we offer preparations and machines for cleaning companies serving offices, shopping centers, industrial plants, hotels, restaurants, and the construction sector,
  • hotels and restaurants - a full range of cleaners in catering and hospitality sector, 
  • offices, home and garden - professional cleaning products for home use, intended for trading companies, supermarkets, specialist stores,
  • automotive industry - means for high pressure washing equipment like non-contact high pressure washer for trucks and cars, engines, workshop floors, cisterns, upholstery, rims,
  • construction industry - cleaners for removing mineral deposits from clinker brick, paving blocks, construction machines and devices, and disinfection,
  • service laundry - chemical pre-treats that enhance the effect of washing powders, stain removers, bleaches.


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